My name Nathan.

Hey there. My name is Nathan Krupa. I live in the Georgia countryside with my wife, four children, and a flock of chickens. I have been writing professionally for decades, first as a script analyst in Hollywood, and for the last ten years as a grant writer for Golden Harvest Food Bank.

About 15 years ago, I discovered something I found rather shocking. God is real. I’d been raised Catholic, but in college had jumped on the intellectual bandwagon that leads to agnosticism and ultimately atheism. It didn’t work out too well… and in fact nearly killed me. I survived only because I discovered that everything that I’d learned as a child and never quite believed about Jesus Christ was actually true.

This blog is about what happened after the events described in my book, Demoniac. If you remember the Gerasene Demoniac from the Gospel, he was in pretty bad shape when Jesus found him. Jesus saved his soul by casting out the demons that infested his soul. This was a pretty spectacular event, but what about five years, ten years later. Did he go back to his hometown and take a trade like carpentry or fishing? Maybe he got married and raised a family? I don’t know.

I think it’s important to think about the fact that Jesus doesn’t just save us to spend an eternity with the Most Blessed Trinity. That’s a big part of it and it’s too wonderful for us to totally understand. But He also saves us so that we can live our lives differently, today. So that we can be transformed in our inner lives, in our marriages and families, in our workplace, and among our friends. He desires that we share His blessed life right now, which somehow mysteriously includes picking up our cross and carrying it daily.

It is through His Cross that I encounter God’s self-sacrificing love. It is through my own, puny, daily crosses that I share that self-sacrificing love with others.