By my mid-twenties, I was an atheist living in Los Angeles and working in Hollywood. How on earth did God take me from that situation to living in a charismatic Christian Community, married to a former nun, and raising money to feed the hungry? Let me tell you, it’s quite a story.

Madness. Homelessness. Demonic possession. The brink of suicide.

Healing. Redemption. Restoration. Discipleship.

It’s a story so crazy that I don’t think I’d believe it if I hadn’t lived it myself. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you think that I’m still crazy… or if something more is going on.

Demoniac tells the testimony of my startling discovery that the Gospel and all that it contains is true, even some of the really weird stuff like the existence of demons and miracles. I’m alive today because of Jesus Christ.

To read my story of how Jesus Christ snatched me from the snares of the devil, get my new book Demoniac on

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