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It is Finished.

Nathan By Nathan15 min read587 views

I’m done. I have finished my addition. On May 15, almost 14 months after breaking ground, I finished hanging the aluminum sheathing for the soffit and fascia and officially called it. The job is done. And it’s not done. I’m…


Dios Es Bueno!

Nathan By Nathan3 min read567 views

“Dios No Existe!” the graffiti on the church screamed as our tour bus rolled to a stop in Madrid.  It was not the sentiment that I expected to encounter as we started our World Youth Day pilgrimage back in September of 2011,…


Crossing the Jordan.

Nathan By Nathan10 min read668 views

January 14th wasn’t just another Saturday. It was our 11th wedding anniversary! This project has consumed so much of my attention that I haven’t had much time to be particularly romantic. Well, maybe it’s kind of caveman-style romantic. “I build…